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Master Bathroom Remodel

Today we will recap a master bathroom remodel done in a home in Manassas VA.

The bathroom was last remodeled in the 80s, old tile floor, leaking pipe found in the wall of the shower, and a non-work vent.

Picture Perfect was contacted for a quote using our online website, we met with the homeowner the next day to go over the history of the bathroom and what the customer wanted from the new remodel.

We then took our measurements and began our quote process, the customer was encouraged to look at local home improvement stores for the items and style they wanted.

Once our quote was presented and signed off on, payment made and the work begins!

The video below goes over the remodel at the final stage before we finish painting.

This remodel took a week from start to finish and our customer is very happy.

For more information, contact us or use our Free Quote Request tool.

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