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Deciding on a kitchen layout

What is your dream idea of a kitchen? Well here are some ideas to help with that layout before the work begins.

Kitchen Layout - Choosing a layout may be a given looking at the existing walls or layout you currently have. Some of the basic layouts are – Galley, L Shape, U Shape, and G Shape (Peninsula/Island). If you are planning to remove walls and expand your kitchen space, you may have a lot of options when choosing your layout. This is where a designer can help give you good information on options that work with your shape that you like best.

Work Triangle - The three main tasks performed in a kitchen are cleanup, cooking, and food storage – your sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. As you move naturally between these three places, preparing food, imagine a triangle that is connecting them. This is your work triangle. Ideally each side should be at least 4 feet long but less than 9 feet long.

Appliances - One of the first things you will do when designing your kitchen is going to the store to select your appliances. Before laying out the cabinet design, it is important to have all of the appliance specifications; size, model and operational specs. Once these are determined the designer can create the cabinet layout.

Accessories - Do you wish your existing kitchen storage was more functional and more organized? This can be accomplished with the many kitchen cabinet accessories that are available today. Pot and pan drawers & pull outs, cutlery trays & dividers, spice racks, pantry pull outs, mixer & appliance lifts, and cutting boards, are just a few of the accessories used to plan the interior of your cabinets to work the best for your layout.

Decorative Features - To give your kitchen the personal touch that will reflect your style in the kitchen design, decorative features such as cabinet glass, fluted fillers, bead board paneling, open shelving, and valances can be incorporated in the cabinet layout. Decorative features add character and help you showcase your individuality.

Once you have locked in a design, Contact us and we will give you a free in-home quote on your kitchen remodel.

-Picture Perfect Home Improvements, LLC

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